Parker Lecture Commitee

John H. Pearson, Jr. Chairperson
John Carson
William Samaras
Paul F. Lappin, Executive Secretary


Jacqueline Moloney, Chancelor, UMass Lowell
Brian Martin
Headmaster, Lowell High School
Edward J. Kennedy, Mayor, City of Lowell

In Cooperation with:

Pollard Memorial Library
Lowell National Historical Park
Umass Lowell and Center for the Arts and Ideas
Lowell Celebrates Kerouac
New England Quilt Museum

About Dr. Moses Greeley Parker

Dr. Moses Greeley Parker was an incredible man! Among his many accomplishments, he was the first to photograph the tubercular bacillus; the first to photograph electric currents and to show they take the form of spirals (this meant that if telephone wires were spiraled messages could be sent over longer distances); and he also is credited with inventing the telephone directory system – so you can thank Moses Greeley for your telephone number!!