7:00 pm

“Remembering Peter Stamas: A Celebration of Community and Service”

An evening remembering Lowell educator and community leader Peter Stamas. Throughout his life, Peter S. Stamas was known as a man with many hats. Through his many varied roles as an educator and community leader, the former LHS headmaster and co-founder of both the Human Services Corporation and the Greater Lowell Community Foundation, lived a life dedicated to helping others, especially in his hometown. This November, ten years after his passing, Peter’s family, friends, colleagues and other interested Lowellians will join together to remember a man who truly set an example that celebrated both community and service in Lowell. The evening’s program will consist of several segments including speakers, panels, and a brief film, related to Peter’s work in the Lowell Public Schools, the Model Cities program, the Human Services Corporation, the Greater Lowell Community Foundation and other community initiatives.. Co-sponsored by the Hellenic Heritage and Culture Society and the Lowell Heritage Partnership.