7:00 pm

Steve Edington “Bring Your Own God: The Spirituality of Woody Guthrie”

The year 2012 is the Woody Guthrie Centennial. He was born in Okemah, Oklahoma in 1912. While primarily known for his involvement in the American labor movement in the pre-World War II years, and as the author/composer of This Land is Your Land, Guthrie also had a very eclectic and Universalist oriented religious and spiritual side to his life. He wrote a number of songs in this genre which he never set to music, but which have been given a musical score and sung by other artists. Rev. Steve Edington's book Bring Your Own God: The Spirituality of Woody Guthrie explores this aspect of Woody's life and work, and contains much of his writing from the Woody Guthrie Archives that has never heretofore been published. Rev. Steve Edington is a Unitarian Universalist minister residing in Nashua, New Hampshire, where he served the UU Church of Nashua for 24 years before retiring. He is currently serving as the Interim Minister of the UU Church of Manchester, NH. He is a long-time member, and a former President, of the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Committee.