2:00 pm

William Hosley – “Our History Matters! Rekindling Awe, Aspiration & Civic Attachment”

Today’s students are entering adult responsibilities and citizenship with the lowest level of historical literacy ever measured in this country. When "No Child Left Behind" doubled down on preparation and testing for reading and math it marginalized history and civics education. As writer Wendell Berry puts it – “when a community loses its memory, its members no longer know one another and can hardly avoid harming one another.” Our schools teach less and less history. Studying history is the key to critical thinking and the formation of informed perspective. But it is also the key to something that may be more important – civic attachment. History – local history in particular – is essential for instilling a sense of place, past and community and even awe and aspiration. The good news is that community-based historical organizations and libraries are increasingly doing the work that used be done in church, school, home and popular culture. This program celebrates the revitalization of local culture and the institutions and ideas that support it.