7:00 pm

The Projectionist Is No Longer in the House: Cinema in the 21st Century

Explore the timelessness of cinema through the eyes of the movie projectionist, that "magician" in the projection booth who spliced, threaded (and sometimes shredded!) celluloid film. As digital cinema takes over the industry, the death of celluloid & 21st century technology has made projectionists defunct, as well as many of the theaters they worked in. See two remarkable documentary shorts that pay homage to The Projectionist and learn more about how the shift to digital is impacting audiences, filmmakers, and theater owners through a panel discussion with special guest speakers. Kris Roselli’s “The Projectionist: A Passion for Film” – (2012) & Kendall Messick’s “The Projectionist” –  2007) . Co-presented by the Lowell Film Collaborative and Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union.