2:00 pm

Jack Curtis – “Civil War Monuments of Augustus Saint-Gaudens”

The greatest sculptor of the Beaux-Arts generation, Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848-1907) secured his place in the pantheon of American artists with his dynamic portrayals of Civil War heroes. This survey of the life and work of the influential sculptor, from his first commission, Admiral David Farragut Monument to his final work, General Sherman Monument, presents a special focus on his heroic yet compassionate Abe Lincoln: The Man (or “Standing Lincoln”) and the magisterial Shaw Memorial/54th Massachusetts Regiment on the Boston Common. Jack Curtis, a writer and editor, focuses on history, art history, socio-political, and literary themes. His essays and features have run in publications such as Boston Globe, Art New England, Harvard magazine, and Technology Review. He has a Masters in European History from UCLA and lives in Brookline, MA.