2:00 pm

Laura French, Mehmed Ali, and Richard Howe – “The New Hampshire Telephone Museum and the Contributions of Dr. Moses Greeley Parker”

It has been said that no means of communication have altered or revolutionized the lives of humankind more than that of the telephone. For most of human history, anything other than a face-to-face conversation was considered long-distance and long-distance communication was especially difficult. The history of the telephone is a fascinating story that spans from Boston to California and beyond. The museum features a collection of over 1000 artifacts, and has made the New Hampshire Telephone Museum one of the must-see attractions in the state, as well as an important educational resource. Dr. Moses Greeley Parker, who established this lecture series, made a small but critical contribution to the formation of our nation’s phone system. Memhed Ali and Richard Howe will fill you in with all the details of Dr. Parker’s life and work.