2:00 pm

Charles Shuttleworth, “Kerouac: The Buddhist Years“

Greetings once again to our Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Friends: Even though we are not gathering in Lowell this year for our annual Kerouac Festival, you can still take in our annual Moses Greeley Parker lecture by way of the LCK website. We offer our deepest appreciation the Parker Lecture series for their continued support! The presenter this year is Mr. Charles Shuttlesworth, a member of the faculty at the Harker School of San Jose, California, and a well accomplished scholar of Kerouac and Beat Literature. His topic is “Kerouac: The Buddhist Years.” You can take in his lecture by going to the LCK website at You can also participate in a Q&A with Charles this coming Saturday, October 10th at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The Harker School is hosting this conversation via ZOOM, and access information for those who wish to take part is also on the LCK website. In the enduring Spirit of Jack Kerouac, The Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Committee