Parker Lecture Commitee

John Carson
William Samaras
Brian Martin
Paul F. Lappin
Executive Secretary


Jacqueline Moloney
Chancelor, UMass Lowell
Michael Fiato
Head of Lowell High School

In Cooperation with:

Boarding House Park
40 French Street
Pollard Memorial Library
401 Merrimack Street
New England Quilt Museu
18 Shattuck Street
Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church
6 Kirk Street
Lowell National Historical Park Boott Events Center
115 John Street; second floor

About Dr. Moses Greeley Parker

Dr. Moses Greeley Parker was an incredible man! Among his many accomplishments, he was the first to photograph the tubercular bacillus; the first to photograph electric currents and to show they take the form of spirals (this meant that if telephone wires were spiraled messages could be sent over longer distances); and he also is credited with inventing the telephone directory system – so you can thank Moses Greeley for your telephone number!!